Geometric dreams

Sometimes I see very strange geometric dreams. Yesterday’s dream was like that, whole night. All I see then is just a huge empty black space filled with strange geometric forms usually made of lines (or beams) and they are of very high complexity. Sometimes they are static and sometimes they change in its small details quickly reacting on my thoughts. They are colourful and amazingly complex that makes them beautiful, but I can not reproduce even a tiny bit of any of them… yet at least… I want to catch just a part of one to draw or to reproduce in 3D one day.

testing mParticles Glue
mParticles are great and easy to setup, love’em



Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts waved their hands to me as they passed by on a scooter, I waved them back. I hope they could see me from behind the scrolling titles of a movie )))

still I can’t draw )))))

still I can’t draw )))))

Another dark experiment WIP with textured PFlow

Another dark experiment WIP with textured PFlow

I think this is a new kind of #audio #art. Like a painter uses colours and brushes on a surface of canvas, the author used samples and records to paint this really impressive soundpicture on a canvas of time.

Imma #sofa #scratching #dj )))))))



The Boys where a huge influence for my life since my cousin passed me the “Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science” CD!
so, here this is my rough&unmixed esteem for this great artists.
we are the universe